Product Snapshot

• Split-phase, double-conversion online operation offers highest reliability

• High efficiency design saves on energy costs across all load levels

• Small footprint saves on valuable floor space

• Monitor and manage UPS and other devices via a web-based interface

• Available in 8 kVA, 10 kVA, 12 kVA, and 15 kVA units


Maximum power, minimum footprint High power density means more power protection in a smaller footprint. And that’s exactly what Eaton delivers in its highly efficient 9155 single-phase uninterruptible power system (UPS). With the 9155 there is no need to compromise reliability for efficiency and affordability. With its advanced power protection technology, the 9155 outperforms other UPSs in its class, all in a sleek unit that is half the size of other units. Features of the Eaton 9155 UPS
  • True, double-conversion online operation protects connected equipment from all nine of the most common power problems
  • High efficiency design saves money on operating costs across all load levels • Compact tower design delivers maximum power density— entire unit is only 12 inches wide and 33 inches deep, including batteries
  • Provides 5,500 watts per square foot with .9 output power factor —protecting more equipment for every utility dollar spent, and leaving more room for expansion in the data center
  • Easily add redundancy or increase system capacity with patented Powerware Hot Sync® paralleling technology
  • Ensure data and system integrity with Intelligent Power Manager® software for remote monitoring, management and shutdown
  • Microprocessor-controlled ABM™ technology increases battery life
  • Enhanced communications allow network connectivity and remote management: o RS-232 serial port o Two X-Slot® communication bays o Relay output contacts o Two programmable signal inputs o Remote emergency power-off (REPO)

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