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    100% Vertical Integration! In-house Electrical, Mechanical, General Data Construction & Engineering Services

    CSI is a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) that specializes in data center design, construction, and IT support roles.

    Just a few of our product offerings:

    When dealing with massive amounts of data for clients for hundreds of people, you need to makes sure that you have all your bases covered. Here at Computer Sites, Inc., we pride ourselves in offering the best services and products in the business. Contact us today for more information!


For The Best in Data Center Construction & Supplies

Computer Sites, Inc (a WOSB) is a specialty data center construction company. We have developed a very unique approach for meeting objectives of efficiency and maximum up-time for Mission Critical environments. As a result of years of experience working with our customers to design, build, and maintain their data centers and infrastructure, we can offer the only “complete facility and system” guarantee in the business. You have our commitment that CSI can handle your current projects and be there to take care of your ongoing needs.

We sell & service all critical equipment for power conditioning & continuation. We are your reliable source for large or small computer room environments!

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About Data Center Construction

Some time ago, the average data center was relegated to big business. Immense organizations that managed so much information that it was only practical to store everything in one place. Some centers have facilities in the range of 40k sqft to 250k sqft.

Our data center construction options are catered to provide services to a wide range of locations for their power supply, uninterruptible power, and business expansion needs.

Currently we serve the anywhere from Denver, to Pueblo, and beyond

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