The 9390 supports up to 160 kVA to deliver power protection for small branch offices to large corporate data centers and communication networks. Up to four equivalent 9390 modules can be paralleled for additional capacity or redundancy, without having to utilize a central bypass cabinet. In all paralleling configurations, each UPS module operates independently yet is completely synchronized with the others. Parallel UPS modules can provide N+1, N+2 or greater redundancy.

Innovative Design Delivers Industry-Leading Power Performance

The Eaton® 9390 is a double-conversion uninterruptible power system (UPS) that resolves all utility power problems and supplies clean, continuous, uninterruptible power to connected equipment. Whether you’re selecting a UPS for a branch office, manufacturing floor, medical facility, or data center, there’s a 9390 model that delivers just the right combination of performance and price for your needs.

Features and Benefits:
  • Transformer-Less Design
    • Increased efficiency over transformer-based UPSs
    • Smaller footprint and higher power density
    • Lower installation and shipping costs
  • Flexible Installation
    • Mount directly next to a wall or even in a corner
    • Completely accessible for service and maintenance from front panel
    • Top and bottom cable entry
  • Voltage Options
    • Conventional 208V and 480V for standard US system designs
    • Available 400V for higher efficiency US system designs
  • Powerware Hot Sync
    • Easily expand system capacity
    • Sync parallel configurations without fail-prone control wires
  • Advanced Battery Management
    • Cyclical battery charging increases service life of batteries, reducing total cost of ownership
    • Sophisticated battery condition monitoring, testing, and alerts identify potential problems before they affect your load
  • Low Total Harmonic Distortion
    • Low input THD ensures compatibility with extended backup power sources (generators).
    • Low output THD provides clean pure power to operate the load safely and efficiently
  • Complete Line of System Accessories
    • Battery cabinets
    • Integrated distribution cabinets
    • Integrated accessory cabinets


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