Exceptional efficiency, manageability and energy
metering capabilities for IT managers
5PX Single Phase UPS features and benefits: Extended Runtime: Add up to four extended battery modules for maximum runtime. Virtualization-ready: Available in convenient bundles with a network card and management software for rapid integration into your virtual environment. Efficiency: Provides industry leading efficiency of up to 99 percent. Manageability:

  • Energy metering: The 5PX meters energy consumption right down to the outlet segments. No other UPS in the industry offers this capability.
  • UPS management: By integrating the Eaton Intelligent Power Manager software, you can monitor and manage the power devices on your network. LCD display: Eaton’s next generation LCD offers a graphical interface which provides all critical UPS information in a single screen view. More power: Protects more devices by providing 28 percent more wattage compared to traditional UPSs. Battery life: Eaton’s exclusive ABM® technology increases battery service life by 50 percent.

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