When you need flexible and affordable protection for equipment in edge computing environments, look no further than the Eaton 5P rackmount compact UPS. Building on the success of the 5P 1U and 2U platforms, we’ve reduced the footprint, added outlets and provided more flexibility for mounting configurations—all while maintaining the reliability and efficiency of the 5P platform. Flexibility: The all-inclusive rail kit design allows for wall-mount, two-post and four-post mounting options, expanding ease of implementation across multiple applications. Manageability: By integrating Eaton’s Intelligent Power® Manager software, you can easily monitor and manage the power devices in your network. Space savings: By reducing the footprint on our standard 5P, the 5P rack compact provides premium protection while conserving space. Protection: Eaton’s industry-leading warranty covers both the UPS and the batteries for three years. Extended life: Eaton’s exclusive ABM® technology helps extend the life of the UPS battery. Informed power management Adding a Network Management Card (NMC) allows the UPS to connect to an Ethernet network and the internet, supporting realtime monitoring and control. This means you can record event history and log data for historic trending and analysis, reboot protected devices over SNMP/web, initiate live migration of virtual machines, remotely notify and send email/SMS notifications and alarms and more. An NMC can also integrate with industry-leading virtualization platforms and perform customizable actions like automatic shutdown in the event of an extended power failure. In combination with an NMC, Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager software allows users to: • Set up prioritized shutdown and automated restart protocols • Program daily or weekly schedules to reboot or shutdown equipment proactively • Remotely cycle power to critical, frozen IT equipment without deploying costly resources Control your environment Typically used for safety considerations, the remote power off (RPO) port allows a remote–normally open or normally closed– contact to signal the UPS to cut power to all connected equipment. With RPO functionality, the UPS must be restarted manually. The remote on/off (ROO) port allows you to remotely shut down the UPS and restart it automatically when the remote contact is reset. ROO functionality is well-suited for remote environments where systems need to control the UPS on/off state. The port can also be programmed to be a remote signal input. Remote outlet management allows for maximum control of your environment, providing on, off and delayed restart options.

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